Windber Borough

Recycling / Trash

Windber Borough has one recycling bin in the Community Building Parking lot.

This bin is  for GLASS ONLY!

No one is permitted to place bottles on the ground regardless if they are in boxes or the recycling bin is full.  Come back when the bin is empty.  Do not leave your trash on the ground  for the Borough to clean up.

The “Blue Bin” Recycling program that was provided to Windber Borough through the Somerset Planning Commission has been discontinued due to budgetary constraints. You may still recycle plastic, aluminum and paper by taking it to the Geistown Municipal Building’s “Blue Bins”.

Any questions, you are welcome to call:
John L. Peters
Somerset Planning Commission
(814) 445-1571

The average American throws away nearly four pounds of trash each day. Not only is this a waste of raw materials, and a source of pollution, but it is unnecessary. Much of the waste we generate can be diverted from the landfill if we simply reduce what we use or buy, reuse what we have, and recycle what we no longer need.

The Windber Borough presently has one recycling location site:
Windber Borough Community Building (Parking Lot)
1605 Graham Avenue
Items Collected: GLASS ONLY

Glass: Rinse, and remove lids and metal rings (labels may be left attached) Separated various colors into proper compartment in drop-off bin.

For Additional Information: Somerset County’s Recycling Coordinator 814-445-1544  PA’s Recycling Hotline: 800-346-4242  PA’s Recycling Website:


Pick-up is not done by the Borough of Windber. Residents may contract one of the following garbage haulers that collect within the borough:

Burgmeiers Hauling: 1-800-491-8975

Wright Sanitation: 1-814-266-5620

Yonish Disposal: 1- 814-288-4915

Advanced Disposal: 1-800-437-1759

Waste Management 1-800-963-4776

Leaf Pick – Up

Every Friday, Beginning October and ending November
All leaves must be bagged and placed at the front curb lines.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO leaves picked up in the alley.




2018 Clean-up is scheduled for May 14th – 18th.

In an effort to improve the appearance of the community, and provide a service to Borough residents, Windber Borough endeavors to conduct an annual cleanup program on a curbside basis, usually in the spring.

However, we encourage residents to utilize their refuse haulers throughout the year so that this material can be collected on a contractual basis rather than allowed to accumulate throughout the year.



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