Codes Enforcement

Windber Borough has contracted PA Municipal Codes Alliance for our permitting and inspection needs.  All questions regarding building and remodeling should be directed to:

Somerset Office:
318 Georgian Place
Somerset, PA 15501
Fax: 814-701-2785

Permit Application Forms


Building Permits

Zoning Info

Additional Info: Windber Borough Flood Plain Ordinance

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools that are more than 2′ deep and more than 12′ in diameter require a zoning permit and must follow these Regulations.
(This includes inflatable pools)

Swimming Pool Regulations

Swimming Pools that are permanent with rigid walls will require a zoning permit and a building permit.

Swimming Pool Application Packet – Residential

Application for Driveway/Curb Cut Opening

Application Contractor License and Letter

Demolition Requirements

Demolition Permit

Fence Regs and Zoning Permit app

Set Backs

Sidewalk Permit Application

Sign Permit Application and Regs

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Permit Application